Non-Subscribers to Workers’ Compensation

Texas is the only state in the country to allow employers to opt out of the workers’ compensation system.  In fact, approximately one-third of Texas employers choose this option, which allows them to protect their injured employees outside of the traditional insurance system.

Our firm has represented Texas non-subscribers for over 40 years. We counsel employers about the pros and cons of choosing non-subscription, provide advice on specific claims, and defend our non-subscriber clients in litigation matters. We are proud to be a leader in Texas non-subscriber law, including:

  • Preparation of welfare benefit plans to provide quality benefits to employees in lieu of workers’ compensation benefits
  • Educating management on proper administration of the benefit plan
  • Training supervisors on workplace safety
  • Advising employers on specific claims and incidents
  • Defending employers in lawsuits and arbitration proceedings brought by injured employees

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