Condemnation & Eminent Domain

Condemnation (also eminent domain) involves the taking of real property by public entities and limited private entities for purposes designed to benefit the public at large.  Our attorneys represent landowners and condemning authorities and our experience representing both sides gives us a unique and highly useful perspective in settling or otherwise litigating a condemnation matter.

Condemning authorities we have represented include:

  • School districts
  • Municipalities
  • Counties
  • Railroads
  • Utilities

We have also represented numerous business, home, and farm and ranch landowners in proceedings brought by:

  • The State of Texas and its agencies such as TxDOT
  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • Gas utilities and corporations
  • Common carriers and petroleum product pipelines
  • Community college districts
  • Water improvement districts

Whichever side of the condemnation case, we have the knowledge and experience to protect your best interests.

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