Energy & Utilities

Our attorneys know that the energy sector plays a significant role in Texas, and several of our attorneys provide specific legal expertise and experience to assist clients in the energy and public utility arenas, including:

  • Negotiation, documentation, and transfers of oil, gas, and other mineral leases
  • Negotiation and documentation relating to oil and gas operations, including operating agreements, pooling, and financing
  • Negotiation and documentation of electrical power supply and transmission agreements
  • Negotiation and documentation relating to renewable energy projects
  • Water development and sales
  • Negotiation and documentation relating to electric system construction contracts
  • Organization, reorganization, governance, and operations of electric cooperatives, including deregulation matters
  • Disputes in energy-related areas, including mineral ownership, implied covenants in oil and gas leases, electric energy supply contracts, and related operations

For more information regarding oil and gas-specific services, please see our Oil & Gas section.